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How Pittman & Davis Began

In the 1920's, Frank Davis, Sr., his wife and two children lived in the state of Missouri. They were told by their family doctor that their extremely allergy prone 8 year old daughter, Jane, would be better off if they moved directly show more »

Frank Davis had worked for 14 years for a large mail order business, in the early days of mail order, selling household items to rural areas of America. His first trip to South Texas was by himself by train to see what his job prospects might be. Frank arrived near the border of Mexico and decided this was about as far south as he should go.

In Harlingen Texas, Frank met a real estate agent who introduced him to a local fruit grower named Howard Pittman. Howard had always wanted to try selling his prize winning citrus by mail order. Frank Davis and Harold Pittman were soon good friends and their idea soon became discovered by families across the United States. Howard Pittman sold his share to Frank in the late 1930's. Now, more than 80 years later, Frank and Kitty's son, Ned that moved to South Texas in 1926 as a 2 year old, is still the CEO of Pittman & Davis and works with his sons Frank and Ted and daughter Cathi to deliver to you and yours the finest citrus fruit grown.

Constant Attention to Quality

Today, Pittman & Davis raises the most delicious of all Grapefruit varieties to perfection and then takes that extra step of allowing them to ripen fully on the tree. Each tree has to be carefully pruned, fed, watered and generally pampered to grow fruit this extraordinary.

These sugar sweet tropical fruit are very particular about soil, sunlight and temperature. In only two small areas of the world can these Ruby Red Grapefruit be grown to reach their very best quality: The Texas Rio Grande Valley and the Florida Indian River area. We have a modern packing house in each area to assure you the finest fruit grown. Juicy Sweet Comice Pears, Apples and other scrumptious gift fruit are shipped from the Northwest.

Because less than five percent of the total citrus fruit crop meets our quality standards, less than one person in a thousand has ever tasted such large, sweet and juicy grapefruit. Just hours after picking, each fruit is hand selected for size, quality and ripeness, individually hand wrapped in gift paper and rushed to you or your recipient's address.

What's more, each of the Pittman & Davis gift food selections are meticulously prepared to assure the finest quality possible. The smoked meats are all the premium grade selections that are slowly and naturally smoked the old time-honored way. The premium baked goods and pastries are personally baked in small batches and shipped bakery fresh.

Pittman and Davis Guarantee

If you or your friends are not absolutely delighted with every gift you receive, we will replace the gift or refund the purchase price. Since 1926, Pittman and Davis has fully guaranteed your satisfaction with every fruit gift we send.


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