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We're FORMFORMFORM, a small but perfectly formed team of inventors, material scientists, designers, video makers, business and production people based in Hackney in East London. Sugru is our first product, and we're growing show more »

We're on a mission to help the world get fixing and customising again. It's not about 'making do' though – it's much more than that. It's about taking control and repairing, modifying and evolving the products we own so that they work longer, harder and better for us. Sure, it's economical and sustainable, but most of all, it just makes sense.

Our vision for Sugru is big. Our goal is to grow it into one of the most awesome and meaningful household products in the world.

It's early days, but we think that someday a lot of people all over the world won't know what they did without it. We're also beginning to explore commercial and industrial uses for our platform technology, Formerol.


Mouldable Glue, Technology, Family-safe, Formula, Original Formula,


Date Added:01 Feb 2018

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