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Who hasn't stood in front of their full closet and frustratingly declared, "I have NOTHING to wear?!"  Or struggled with fitting all the necessary garments needed for a business trip, or that once-in-a-lifetime-getaway, into their carry on?  

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As a former Director of Sales for Michael Kors and Assistant Buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, one thing Sarah Yonover knows to be true; women love versatility and love looking fabulous

But it was when she was faced with the dilemma of how to pack for a 3 week trip to the Hamptons, DC, and the NYC night life in a carry-on bag, that her fashion mind began to spin.

Knowing that there was nothing on the market that would meet her sleek, sophisticated, and refined sense of style, this savvy 41 year old grabbed her infinity scarf and began to twist and tie it using office supply rubber bands.  Effortlessly, she turned it into a one-shoulder dress, halter top, wrap, vest, maxi skirt and more.  Within an hour, Sarah had run to the fabric store and was sitting at her kitchen table teaching herself how to sew. 

Tossing her innovative and unique tubes of fabric and bands in different lengths and colors in her one and only carry on, Sarah was off on her 21 day adventure with no other clothing options. Well, it only took Sarah a few days to realize that she had something special because every day she was being stopped multiple times to field inquiries from strangers on the streets of New York City who were hypnotized by her savvy and uber stylish looks.  And it was there and then, June 2011, that Hipknoties was born.

Fast forward two months from her NYC trip and Sarah had sold over 200 of her own hand cut, sewn and dyed Hipknoties.  Not sitting back and savoring her success, she began to scour the internet for domestic rubber companies who could manufacture a clear, reusable, super strong bands as well as a factory who could cut and sew her garments.  Wanting to keep Hipknoties a “Made in America” company, Sarah used her professional contacts from her earlier years in the apparel industry, to source the right LA-based manufacturers for her fast developing fashion line.

Hipknoties clients love the simplicity and versatility of the line and love how they look in a Hipknoties. 

Hipknoties is well on its way to be the next generation of Units and Multiples from the 80’s.  Endorsed by Susanna Negovan (Editor in Chief Splash, Chicago Sun Times) and Wendi Cassuto (Associate Publisher Conde Nast Traveler), Hipknoties is a fashion revolution for the savvy modern woman.

HIPKNOTIES® is a patent pending, innovative, unique and versatile multi purpose garment that can fit all women in all aspects of a women's life.  From the mountains to the beach.  From the office to a cocktail party.  1 Garment 30 Ways.  Your body.  Your Way.


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Date Added:13 Jan 2018

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