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Teabloom started with a simple idea—to create healthier and more entertaining tea products that are better for our bodies and souls; products that promote health and create more memorable experiences as they bring people together.  At Teabloom, we believe sharing a pot of tea with a loved one is restorative for body, mind, and soul. Your favorite brew can help you prepare for the day, brighten your mood, or help you relax.  Across the world, tea is the most imbibed beverage after water. It has a long history and has been enjoyed for millenniums in various ways, from carefully performed tea ceremonies to mid-day breaks. Tea is a respite from the mundane.

Teabloom Reintroduces the Art of Brewing the Perfect Cup.

At Teabloom, we believe the brewing process can also be rewarding—especially with a hand-crafted flowering tea that blossoms before your eyes. For this reason, we focus on creating beautiful products which will engage your senses and spark your imagination.

We Aren’t Just Committed to Tea—We’re Committed to Quality.

Teabloom’s flowering teas are hand-sewn by artisans using edible dried flowers and high-quality tea leaves. When brewed in a glass teapot, they showcase their intricate designs, blossoming into floral displays while enriching the water with healthy antioxidants.  To help nurture a love for tea, we carry quality items such as flowering teas, glass teapots, tea makers, teacups, and tea gift sets perfect for any occasion. Brew a bouquet and watch your tea bloom. We design our blooming teas and tea wares to provide a memorable tea experience. It’s at the heart of what we do and why we began this journey.

We Ultimately Hope Our Products Help Families and Friends Create More Timeless Moments Together.

Our goal is to encourage more people to sit down and enjoy a pot of freshly brewed tea, to take a moment and enjoy the process. Tea should be shared and enjoyed. Because we want to focus on gathering loved ones around a teapot, we currently carry blooming teas that are meant to be shared. We also design unique teaware perfect for entertaining.  There are plenty of places to get loose leaf tea, tea sachets, and teabags. Blooming teas, on the other hand, are beautifully unique and perfect for special occasions as well as family dinners. Paired with our distinctive glass teapots, blooming teas can transform tea time into an experience and help you create a moment that won’t soon be forgotten.


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Date Added:13 Jan 2018

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