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Highspots.com is a leading online retailer for professional wrestling and mixed martial arts offering figures, DVD's, Apparel, Belts, wrestling gear and even wrestling rings!

Highspots.com is committed to be your one-stop-shop for all wrestling and MMA products. Whether you are a show more »

For the Wrestling Fan

With over 10 years in business Highspots.com has grown to be the company it is by serving the wrestling fans throughout the world with a great selection of merchandise. Highspots.com has everything a wrestling fan could want including the latest WWE & TNA releases, classic wrestling merchandise and our Highspots.com exclusive releases. We have listed below our different categories and some more information about what you can find in them:

  • DVD's
    Highspots.com has over 2000 DVD's for you to choose from, and we are adding new titles every week! You can find the latest WWE & TNA releases on our DVD section, as well as most other older titles from the two companies. If you like shoots please visit our shoot interview section which features shoots from many great stars, including the Ric Flair 4 Disc Shoot. You can also find a great variety of Independent, Japanese, Lucha Libre and wrestling documentary releases on our site. Highspots.com also has hundreds of compilation tapes featuring some of the best legends in wrestling (Hogan, Flair, Sting and more!).
  • Figures
    Highspots.com carries a huge selection of figures. We stock WWE Figures ranging from the newest series all the way back to the original WWF Hasbro Series! We also carry TNA, WCW and ECW commercial figures. For the fans of Puro and Lucha Libre Highspots.com offers authentic figures from New Japan, All Japan, NOAH and CMLL featuring some of their best stars from yesterday and today.
  • Title Belts
    Looking for a belt like the one your favorite stars on TV wear? Highspots.com can offer you authentic Replica Belts in almost any size/style you would like. We offer toy versions of WWE, WCW and TNA title belts, some as low as $4.99! We also offer kids size replicas, which are made the same way as the adults are but scaled down to fit children. We carry almost all WWE (New and Classic) Title belts, along with WCW, ECW, TNA and Japanese belts and can help you find the exact belt you are looking for. We also offer custom made title belts which are great if you are looking for a truly unique belt.
  • Wrestling Masks
    Ever wanted to have the same mask of your favorite wrestler? From Rey Mysterio, to popular Lucha, Japanese and Legends like the Masked Superstar, Highspots has close to 200 different masks to choose from, and we can also custom make you a mask as well!
  • Toys and Novelty Items
    These are some of the most popular items for us, and make great gifts for fans both old and young. You can find a great selection of wrestling games, trading cards, apparel, keychains, necklaces, 8x10 photos and more.
  • Books/Magazines
    Highspots.com has a huge inventory of wrestling books, featuring some of the greatest superstars of the sport. We offer wrestler biographies, wrestling history books, wrestling guides, children's books and even wrestling instructional books. We also offer vintage wrestling programs and magazines, many of which include a free gift as well! Please visit the Magazine section to see our magazine back issue selection.

For the Wrestler

Highspots.com has been helping pro wrestlers get their wrestling gear at a great price and with a quick turn around time for years, and can get you exactly what you need to look your best in the ring! We offer custom made tights, singlets, trunks, baggy pants, tops, and biker shorts. We can also put most custom logos you would like onto your gear.

We also make custom boots, kickpads, masks and Highspots.com is the exclusive retailer for custom fit AMA knee and elbow pads, which are a favorite among today's top stars!

If you are in a rush and can't wait to have a custom item made, Highspots has you covered. We keep a consistent inventory of gear in our warehouse and can have them shipped over-night to you to make sure you have them before your next big match! We also stock knee & elbow pads, wrist tape, boot laces and pre-tape wrap, all of which can be shipped to you immediately.

Looking to make more money at your match? Sell promo pictures! Highspots.com can make you custom sets of 8x10 photos for as low as $0.35 per photo. These promos can easily be re-sold at shows anywhere from $3-$5 and can make sure you leave with some extra money in your pocket!

For the Wrestling Promoter

Looking for ways to improve your wrestling promotion? Whether you are a seasoned veteran of promotions wrestling events, or are considering starting your own promotion and hosting your first event, Highspots.com can offer you many services and products that can help make your show a success.

Highspots.com can rent you one of our 18x18' rings for your next event, and this will include set-up and take down as well. We can even videotape and edit your event for DVD release with our state of the art video production facility.

If you are planning on holding many upcoming events you may want to consider buying a wrestling ring. Buying a ring is a major purchase for most promoters and Highspots.com understands and is now offering financing with 50% up front and you will have 12 months to pay the rest! We also offer replacement parts for all our rings, and assorted selection of apron, canvas, rope and turnbuckle pad colors.

And that is just the beginning of what Highspots.com can offer you as a promoter! In 2009 Highspots.com has begun the ''Promoters Package'' and offer exclusive deals on bulk merchandise, custom title belts, event promotion and other ways to help expand your current promotion!


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Date Added:13 Jan 2018

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