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Organic Wine Club is an independent organic wine retailer that cares deeply about organic produce, soulful and delicious natural wines. We believe in healthier lifestyles and provenance. We are grateful to our passionate artisan winemakers for their tasty labour of love. We invite you on show more »


How nice would it be to enjoy a glass of wine that is full of life, vibrant and expressive, without headaches or allergies triggered by sulphites and additives?


Do you really know what's inside of your wine bottle?
Conventional wines are sterile, filtered and, frankly speaking, chemically neutered. Life literally has been squeezed out of them. They are full of residual pesticides and injected with high levels of sulphites to make them taste the same, prolong the shelf life and mask the flaws. Have you noticed that there is no contents information on the wine label? This is because there are dozens of additives allowed in its production: sugars, sulphites, preservatives, colour and flavour adjustment agents and more. They trigger allergic reactions, headaches and other ill effects.

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Date Added:24 Jan 2018

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