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Chinavasion was founded in 2004 by our CEO Jeffrey Ulrich. All our products are brand new, top quality electronics from top Chinese manufacturers. Our in-house quality control team carefully tests our wide

selection of consumer electronic products with show more »

MISSION: We are a customer-oriented company and one of the leading strategic suppliers of high quality electronics & gadgets from China offering fair prices and excellent service. 

VISION: We are striving to be the world’s leader in selling high quality electronics and gadgets from China by offering excellent and reliable services.

Services: Besides product quality, we are strongly focused on delivering an excellent service. We offer you complete before and after sales service. Our polite, professional team of customer support staff is

available on live chat and email to answer your enquiry's within 1 working day. Thanks to our in-house QC engineering team, with in-depth electronics product knowledge, we are capable of offering a full 12

month warranty on all our electronic products. 


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Date Added:16 Jan 2018

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