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Cate & Chloe

The visionaries of Cate & Chloe began the company with one simple clear concept in mind: to create stylish yet affordable jewelry women could wear every day. In the fast paced world we all live in it is often times hard to find time or money to have that perfect jewelry piece or show more »

Inspired by their favorite designers, the creators of Cate & Chloe wanted simple, versatile, elegant pieces that would complete every woman’s personal collection. After experiencing life in the working world, they found there was little time to let their inner fashion guru shine! They wanted to create an easy place for young professionals to find classic, timeless accessories that would add a little glamour to an everyday look. Since the inception of Cate & Chloe, the visionaries have continued to strive for the highest level of quality, innovation, and timeless designs to ensure its avid followers are able to flaunt C&C pieces from the Red Carpet to the office!

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Date Added:15 Jan 2018

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