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Montelle Intimates
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Montelle Intimates


  • No Rolling - Hooks to your favorite bra so it can’t roll down!
  • No Back Fat - No gap between your bra and your shapewear, so nothing will ever "pop out!"
  • No Muffin top - stays up so muffin top disappears.
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  • Love your bra? No problem! HookedUp Shapewear works with what's already in your closet! Nursing bra, minimizer bra or super-duper, sexy push-up - just hooked it to your favorite and you're done!
  • Hate layers and visible straps? No problem! When HookedUp shapewear is hooked to your bra…you can’t even see it! There's no layers or visible straps that create lumps and bumps under your clothes.
  • Can't find the right fit? We offer sizes up to 3x in three style (high waist brief, high waist mid-thigh and high waist slip)!


I have one husband, two kids and a million responsibilities. I like to eat. I hate to exercise. I love to look good. I needed shapewear but nothing worked for I designed HookedUp Shapewear.

When I wore shapewear it rolled down the second I moved creating the worse back fat ever and giving me a muffin top that made me cry! I was SO uncomfortable and I looked absolutely terrible, so I fixed it. Now, because of HookedUp Shapewear there's no more aggravation, no B.S. - just solutions! HookedUp Shapewear hooks to your favorite bra so it can't roll down! It eliminates back fat and muffin top keeping you sleek and smooth in all the right places. Plus, because it doesn't roll, dig in or pinch your skin, it's super comfy. You can wear this shapewear all day long! Trust me…you're gonna love it! Enjoy!

xo Tara

P.S. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or visit my blog. Thanks!


There is nothing more frustrating than shopping for shapewear and seeing images of size zero, stick figure models.The average size woman in the United States is a size 14 - why aren't other shapewear brands representing reality? We decided to do things differently and chose a gorgeous, curvy, REAL size 12 model to represent our brand. We couldn’t feel more proud of our decision to represent real women, real bodies and real life.


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Date Added:15 Jan 2018

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