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Catering to small businesses across the world, from the USA, to Australia and beyond, LogoNerds.com is a true global company. With our high quality custom designs, impeccable service and unbeatable prices, LogoNerds.com has quickly become the number one choice of small businesses show more »


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Impeccable service:


Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to all of our clients from the moment they place their order and until their project is completed. The LogoNerds.com team is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.




Our design team has successfully designed thousands of logos for clients in every industry imaginable. Whatever your industry, whatever your needs, we can assist you in creating a brand image that differentiates you from your competition.


Affordable High Quality Logos


You won't believe the high quality custom logo design you will receive unless you visit our custom logo portfolio. DON'T be fooled by our low prices. We specifically cater to small businesses, and with our very own in house design team, our designs come second to none.


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Date Added:15 Jan 2018

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