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Terms and Conditions cashback service  - CASHBACKZON.com

1. Introduction

1.1. This Agreement defines both the rights and obligations of CASHBACKZON (hereinafter referred to as "us", "us", "cashback service", "service" or cashbackzon.com) associated with the services of this site (cashbackzon.com), and the rights and obligations The obligations of the User after the adoption of this Agreement. Periodically, this Agreement may be amended.


2. Terms and definitions

2.1. The user is the one who uses the services of cashbackzon.com in order to save on purchases in online stores.

2.2. Cashback - the amount of money that comes to the user's account cashbackzon.com after the purchase.

2.3. Account - a user's personal account in the service cashbackzon.com. Affiliate stores (partner stores) are shops that are located on the site cashbackzon.com. The service is connected to affiliate programs of these stores and receives a commission from them for the clients provided to them. This commission forms the amount of discount ("cashback") that the user receives on cashbackzon.com


3. Goals and functions of the cash-back service

3.1. Cashback service allows you to save on purchases in online stores, by paying user cashback. Cashback is obtained from the commission that cashbackzon.com receives from the store in which the purchase was made. Most of the commission received by the service from the store is transferred to the user's personal account at cashbackzon.com. cashbackzon.com never and under no circumstances charges any fees from its users. All our services are absolutely free.


4. Coupons and promotional codes

4.1. cashbackzon.com provides its users with an additional opportunity to save by providing them with free coupons and promotional codes to online stores located on the service. We in real time track and post on the service up to several thousand coupons and promotional codes simultaneously.

4.2. When using third-party coupons and promotional codes, the cashback may not be credited. Including, the cacheback may not be credited if additional discounts are used in the store itself.


5. Receiving the user of savings

5.1. The money received for the purchase can be withdrawn 15-30 days after they are credited to the cashbackzon.com account in any convenient ways that we offer in the section "Order payment". For example, you can get money on your electronic wallets Paypal.

5.2. IMPORTANT: Please note that for some purchases, waiting for more than 30 days is possible until the store in which the purchase was made confirms that the purchase was paid and will not transfer money to cashbackzon.com. In such cases, the waiting time can be increased to 2 or more months.


6. Quality of goods and services of affiliate stores.

6.1. The goods and services provided by partner stores are under full and sole responsibility of these online stores and have nothing to do with cashback services. cashbackzon.com is responsible only for creating a user account on cashbackzon.com and charging a cashback for a purchase in an online store if the purchase was made and the store transferred the commission for it to cashbackzon.com.


7. Accrual of "cashback"

7.1. A member of cashbackzon.com makes purchases for the sole purpose: in order to save money and get a cashback. But, do not earn money and then refuse the order in the online store. Therefore, it is forbidden deliberately, in order to earn money, to refuse an order in the online store after cashback to cashbackzon.com has been credited. In the event that the user of cashbackzon.com for any reason refuses an already purchased purchase in a store located in the cashbackzon.com directory, he must notify us of the refusal so that cashbackzon.com cancels the cashback charge.

7.2. In the event of repeated cancellations for purchases made by one user, cashbackzon.com may delay all funds on the user's account until the circumstances of cancellations are clarified. If this action caused any harm to the store, then we reserve the right to block the user's account on our service and to keep the funds in the account.

7.3. If the order amount in the Aliexpress store is less than 10 rubles, then the cashback is not provided. If the order amount in any other store (except Aliexpress) is less than 50 rubles, then the cashback is also not provided.

7.4. In some cases, cashback is not automatically charged to the user's account and it does not depend on cashbackzon.com, but only on the store where the purchase was made. cashbackzon.com can ask the user to provide purchase data, such as: date and time, amount and order number, check photo (or screenshot of Internet banking). This information may be required to contact the store. But, if the store still refuses to accrue funds, then the cashback for this purchase is not subject to accrual to the cashbackzon.com account.

7.5. If the user buys goods in dollars and pays with dollar cards (Visa and Master Card), then the cashback will be credited, but recalculated at the internal exchange rate of the store.

7.6. When paying with cards with cashback functions or a bonus program of the bank, and also if the store has its own bonus programs, the cashback is not provided.


8. Providing truthful information

8.1. When ordering in an online store, the user agrees to provide only true information, both billing information and information on the delivery of goods in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation or another country under whose jurisdiction the online store is located. If there are any disputes related to cancellation of purchases or otherwise, cashbackzon.com may ask the user to fill in personal information in his Profile in the account at cashbackzon.com so that the service can contact the user and resolve the disputed situation.


9. SPAM and other unlawful acts

9.1. A member of cashbackzon.com is responsible for any unlawful acts committed on the site cashbackzon.com or online store sites in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation or the laws of the country under whose jurisdiction the online store is located. For example, it is prohibited to use illegal mailings (SPAM) to attract other users to the site cashbackzon.com.


10. Loyalty program

10.1. The bonus program serves to encourage cashbackzon.com members who invite their friends and acquaintances to the site. For each attracted new member cashbackzon.com (hereinafter referred to as "referral") who received a cashback to their account cashbackzon.com, a bonus of 5 USD is added.


11. Reasons for cancellation of already accrued cashback.

All accruals of the cashback, as well as its cancellation, come from the stores automatically. Usually, automatic cancellation of the charge happens in cases where, for various reasons, the purchase did not take place. I.e:

11.1. The buyer made the order, but did not pay it or returned the goods to the store after receipt.

11.2. The store independently canceled the order (there is no product available, the inability to deliver the addressee, etc.)

11.3. After the purchase, a "dispute" was opened (applicable to the Aliexpress store) and the store withdrew the cashback charge back.

If the purchase still took place, and you received the goods for the purchase, but at the same time, the cashback charge was canceled by the store - please write to us and we will understand this situation! We promise, if the cancellation of the cashback was made wrong, then we'll figure it out, and you'll get it anyway :)

11.4. After checking the purchase by the store, the store saw that a coupon / promo code was used, which was not presented on the cashbackzon.com service. The speed of the purchase check depends only on the store itself.

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