How it works

How does our cashback service work?


Every time you go to an online store through a cashback site and make a purchase, you get a commission that the store pays to the cashback service. The amount of savings can vary and, in some cases, be up to 20-36% of the purchase amount.


Service Cashbackzon returns money from online purchases.


Service returns money from online purchases. All you need is to register with us and go to the website of the online store by a special link. With every purchase made to the account of the registered user, the percentage of the purchase is returned - each store has its own (returns to 36%!).


Receiving the cashback is carried out in three simple steps:

  1. You create an account on

  2. Make purchases, as you usually do.

  3. After purchase, the cashback will be credited to your account before 24h.


After you receive the amount in your account, it will have the status of "withholding" until our partners confirm that you received your order and you have no complaints (in some cases you must confirm that you received the order)


Get money in this way

Currently, we pay through:



In the site system - hundreds of branded stores and services: Aliexpress, Lamoda, OZON, Gearbest, BonPrix, and many others!


Cashback is an innovative business model. It was based on the principles of direct selling, bypassing intermediate intermediaries. In a typical retail network, the store pays part of the value of the goods to its partners, among which are usually websites, Internet portals, search engines. In cashback, the consumer himself is such a partner that allows you to buy the same goods at a lower price, without a portion of the store's margin.

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